Who We Are


Black Swan Analysis, founded in 2007, is a unique analysis practice that provides robust valuations and commercialisation plans to optimise products in the healthcare industry. We know what it takes to succeed in this industry -we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and we are committed to bringing insight and high quality solutions to our clients. In doing so we help them meet the many challenges of today’s complex healthcare marketplace.

The Black Swan team has a unique skill set: the ability to develop dynamic market forecasts and interactive patient flow models using a wide range of data including complex pathological and epidemiological information. As pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are challenged to deliver more specific targets that align with unmet medical needs. These modelling approaches are more commercially focused to meet the requirements of a changing healthcare environment.

We have the capability to provide an immediate and ‘hands-on’ approach with every client and where the right internal expertise is leveraged we can help find your optimal solution. Using our bespoke methodologies and frameworks we seek to assess the most challenging valuations.

The valuation outputs we generate can be easily integrated with any in-house existing financial systems, presentation styles or platforms that may be currently operational. This ensures a faster uptake within the business, enabling resources to be re-directed towards implementing the outputs and leveraging new information.

Our philosophy at Black Swan is to create the right environment using inclusive dialogues and collaboration that enable us to generate outputs that make business decisions clear. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of satisfaction and quality for our clients.

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