The epidemiology series reports are a collection of reports which provides a more condensed version of our proprietary Epiomic patient segmentation database. The reports have been developed with our client’s needs, proving a comprehensive overview of the patient populations for a given disease.

Each of the disease publications is specific to a given disease and typically covers between 12-28 Major Global Healthcare Markets with a forecast horizon period of 10 years. Each report includes analyst insights about the disease and or disorder and provides an understanding related to:

  • Cause of the disease
  • Risk factors and prevention
  • Diagnosis of disease
  • Key co-morbid conditions associated with the disease
  • Variations by geography or ethnicity
  • Disease prognosis and clinical course

The entirety of the report is presented in an easy to understand method with data tables presenting prevalence by specific country across a 10-year horizon period. All reports include top-line prevalence of the disease in each country, along with a split by gender. To add more breadth and detail to the report, a breakdown of prevalence or incidence population by gender in 5-year cohorts for each country is included in the appendix section of the report.

The reports also consist of sub-populations that can be either key co-morbid conditions or clinical attributes that assist with size potential of target populations of interest for drug development. All sub-populations are presented in a table format which each population segmented even further by country or other parameters related to the sub-population.

In order to generate accurate patient population estimates, the Epiomic database utilises a combination of world class sources, to provide the most up-to date information from patient registries, clinical trials and epidemiology studies. All sources used to generate the data and analysis have been cited accordingly in the report. 

Rubhaan Malik 

Epidemiology Analyst