Pharmaceutical Workshops and Training


Black Swan Analysis offers a range of workshops focused on translating forecasting and business analysis theory into applicable business practice. And, since the best way to learn is to do, a large component of our workshops are interactive with plenty of hands-on exercises to practice new skills.

We can run any of our courses as in-house training. Alternatively, we offer our workshops through our industry affiliations.

  • Data analysis.
    This workshop focuses on what to do with different data sets – from rep sales data through to market research data sets or data from different market audits. The workshop covers what the data represent, how robust they are & how they can be interpreted & applied to provide insight to market behaviour & product performance. Companies are often sitting on a huge amount of data that they do not use to its fullest effect. Large data sets can be daunting, so this workshop equips attendees with the tools necessary to get started on handling data & turning it into information. This workshop is a good foundation for the Forecasting workshop.

    Typical length of workshop: 1.5 days.


  • Introduction to UK Pharma forecasting.
    This “practical guide to forecasting” is a hands-on workshop for marketing and business analysis professionals who have a degree of involvement with forecasts within their businesses. The course is dedicated to imparting key skills to participants that will enable them to immediately perform analyses and build spreadsheet models in a fast, accurate and effective manner, adding value to their organisation.

    Typical length of workshop: 1 day.


  • Market Modelling & Forecasting.
    A hands-on workshop covering the basics of forecasting & market modelling from theory to implementation in Excel. Attendees will leave with an appreciable knowledge of how to start forecasting from what to do with data and trending to building in significant drivers keyed into company strategy.

    Typical length of workshop: 2 days.


  • Advanced Excel & Visual Basic for analysts.
    For those seeking a specific look at Excel & VBA for use in forecast modelling & analysis. Many general Excel & VBA courses cover the programmes from a generic aspect; this workshop is focused purely on application towards market modelling & data analytics.

    Typical length of workshop: 1 day.


  • Dynamic Patient Flow Modelling
    This 1-day workshop is perfect for Marketing or Business Analysis professionals looking to advance their understanding of patient driven market forecasting and modelling. As the focus will be on the practical aspects of understanding and building dynamic patient flow models to support product forecasts, it is more appropriate for those who will need to produce their own forecast models.
    Typical length of workshop: 1 day.


  • War-gaming / competitive role-playing.
    These are multi-brand team workshops to help define strategy & role play inter-company & market situation reactions to changing market environments. These workshops require substantial set-up time and are completely unique to each company that elects to run one. These workshops aim to help brand teams (at all levels) think around what their company can do to successfully compete in a changing market.
    Typical length of workshop: 1 day.
All workshops can be customised to accommodate specific client needs & requirements, also to reflect existing knowledge/expertise of the audience. For all workshops, attendees will each require access to a computer running Excel & VBA.

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