RxPriceIndex ™ – Oncology Dosing Calculator


What is it?

For business analyst and market access specialist involved with pricing of Oncology products, the RxPriceIndex  – Oncology Dosing Calculator provides a simple way of obtaining detail pricing information for an establish oncology treatment regimen that is used by clinicians in a specific cancer disease type.

The calculator function adds up the component costs for each cycle of treatment as well as a combination of cycles to yield an overall patient treatment cost using ex-factory values for each prescription medicine from the RxPriceIndex database.

Within each cancer type, you will be able to select the specific regiment by the line or type of therapy. For the regiment choice that is selected, you will have the opportunity to select alternative generic formulations, different product forms or strength if they are available in the market for the specific component.


The oncology dosing calculator includes over 170 different treatment regiments structured into the different lines of therapy for 22 cancer types. The geographical coverage includes the 7 leading global pharmaceutical markets; United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom.

What is unique about this database?

This database will enable the user to:

  • Quickly identify the pricing components of a specific treatment regiment, using up-to-date pricing information, and have the ability to select any alternative component that might be available.
  • The ability to compare cycle and overall treatment costs for the selected regiment across the different countries in the various currencies or in a single one.
  • The ability to get comparison pricing for your new product within the current standard of care for a particular cancer type. Using the open fields provided, you will be able to build your own regiment by dialling in your own product attributes and adding in any combination products that are currently available on the market.


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