RxPriceIndex™ Drug Pricing Database is a European pharmaceutical pricing database that helps Pharma companies effectively set prices for their new prescription products.

RxPriceIndex™ Drug Pricing Database covers 25 key European markets and allows users to search by brand, generic name/active ingredient to produce a list of available products by strength, pack size and ex-factory price.

One of the biggest challenges in launching a new pharmaceutical product across Europe is to get the price point correct. What better way to support your pricing strategy than by comprehensively mapping out the price levels for competing pharmaceutical products currently in your proposed therapeutic class and know in which country the product is being sold!

With over 6,000,000 product details in one place, the Rx Pricing Database will enable you to search across EU regional markets for a specific product or allow you to map out the competitive environment for your product. This is an invaluable tool for pricing and reimbursement specialists to support global product launch sequencing, therapeutic landscape analysis and competitive value propositions.

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