Transparent pricing to inform you of the competitive environment across Europe

The Rx Price Index™ is an online database that pulls together pricing information for all licensed available pharmaceutical products across European markets and other select countries

Creating Value for your Business

Geographic Coverage

The Rx Price Index™ covers 25 EU Markets with future expansions scheduled

Belgium Germany Macedonia Spain
Croatia Hungary Norway Sweden
Cyprus Iceland Poland Switzerland
Czech Republic Ireland Romania United Kingdom
Denmark Italy Serbia
Estonia Latvia Slovakia
France Lithuania Slovenia

Pricing Flow

Ex-Factory Price Wholesaler Price Pharmacy Price Retail Price

All our products present an Ex-Factory (Ex-Manufacturer/List Price). This makes it effortless to compare prices for different products across the markets. We also list Wholesaler, Pharmacy and Retail prices to provide an in-depth overview and understanding of the market.

Rx Price Index™ delivers a unique solution to make business decisions clear

Rx Price Index™ Solution
Competitive Landscape Which competitor drugs are available in European markets and what price are they set at? Providing a comprehensive snapshot of the market giving a reliable picture of the competitive terrain
Launch Planning How does the database enable me to determine the optimal launch sequence for new products? Helping you determine the optimal launch sequence for new products based on EU reference market price points
Pricing What price can I set for my drug? Helping you lay the foundation for a transparent pricing strategy based on established price points in the market
Custom Access Can I access the data partially or request custom reports? Black Swan Analysis offers selective country access and client-based custom reports that suit your needs. Contact us for further information.

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