A source of robust, evidence-based patient populations for a specific disease, hospital admission, or healthcare procedure.

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Patient Segmentation

Epiomic™ patient segmentation database takes epidemiology analysis for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to a higher level. By overlaying the basic prevalence or incidence data with patient vital signs, pathophysiology and co-morbidities, more accurate patient segmentation is possible. This allows for more robust product valuations and forecasts. Commercial and Strategic ...Read More

Hospital Admissions

One of our key building blocks to our Epiomic offering is the Hospital Admissions database which includes coverage of 28 markets, the USA, Brazil and 26 European countries. This database captures the total number of patients that have been admitted to hospital in each market according to the primary admission ...Read More

Hospital Procedures

Access to the Epiomic Hospital Procedures data for the USA and European Region is now available As part of our core Epiomic database offering to healthcare clients, we have now made available on-line through the Epiomic portal (www.epiomic.com) our Hospital Procedure database that covers both the USA and the top ...Read More