Online Databases & Services

Access to these large on-line databases will provide timely insight to pharmaceutical commercial or business analysis teams. It will enable them to search through over 10,000 disease specific patient populations or through 1 million product pricing data records for a specific market quickly, in a ‘user friendly’ format allowing for a rapid analysis of the information.

Epiomic ™

A source of robust, evidence-based patient populations for a specific disease, hospital admission, or healthcare procedure.

RxPriceIndex ™

Pharmaceutical pricing database that supports healthcare companies to monitor or effectively set prices for their new prescription products.


The emergence of targeted therapies over the last decade and a half has reshaped the treatment landscape for many cancers; with huge benefits to life expectancy and patient health as a result of a number of innovations. This “targeted revolution” is ongoing in many disease areas (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, Chromic ...Read More