Dynamic Modelling and Pharmaceutical Forecasting


We have a high level of experience & expertise in building market models and pharmaceutical forecasts for many companies across the globe covering most aspects of product development & life-cycle.

With the changes that have taken place in the healthcare industry in recent years, it is becoming ever more important to understand & quantify factors that could pose a significant risk to company & product revenue.

We have found that many traditional forecasting methods are insufficient to clearly understand areas of risk and the changing dynamics of healthcare markets. The two most common components of any patient-based model which may require a dynamic element are:

  1. The patient population, e.g. before diagnosis or assignment to treatment
  2. The therapeutic level, e.g. where there are multiple lines of therapy, treatment options, or complex combination therapies

While dynamic modelling and pharmaceutical forecasting is a powerful technique, it should be applied selectively. To help you to understand the degree of dynamism in your market place, we have developed the Healthcare Compass™.

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