Pharmaceutical Consulting – Asset Valuation


Black Swan Analysis is well positioned to help any organisation in the healthcare industry analyse and determine the potential value of their assets. Whether it is a product with clinical data, or merely a fledgling concept, Black Swan can translate this information into a suitable format.

Our team’s experience enables us to offer your organisation a range of services to suit your needs. There are three broad tiers of asset valuation that we provide which are tailored to the stage of development, time, budget & purpose for which the valuation will be used:

Tier 1

Exploratory valuation: Determines whether the product fulfils an unmet need and is financially viable.

  • Patient segmentation and sizing
  • Product utilisation and uptake benchmarks
  • Projected revenue
  • Identification of other technologies or products for a price guide
  • Generation of opportunity analysis
Tier 2

Investor valuation: Provides guidance on opportunities that require financial backing or internal investment. More advanced asset evaluation metrics will be used.

  • Development of 3 target product profiles to determine profile viability
  • Sensitivity analysis of key variables
  • Guidance to pricing based on early evaluation health economic analysis
  • Market scoping and key risk identification
  • Early asset health-economic evaluation metrics

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