Consulting Services

The Black Swan team combines their significant experience of working with diverse global and regional clients as well as experience of clinical practice and scientific research. Whether you value the experience of big-name, high profile pharmaceutical companies or respected agencies, Black Swan has you covered. Our team leaders have honed their skills at well-known blue-chip companies in the field of healthcare and are well placed to provide quality insights and solutions to your businesses challenges.

The Black Swan team has a unique skill set in developing market forecast models which contain detailed market characterisation using information from both pathological and epidemiological sources. This enables us to create “epiomic” segmentation models which consolidate a wide variety of crucial information from patient comorbidities to shifting clinical practices.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is being challenged to provide more specific targets which align with specific clinical unmet needs. Our advanced modelling and analysis techniques are commercially focused to support these new requirements.

Pharmaceutical Consulting – Asset Valuation

Black Swan Analysis is well positioned to help any organisation in the healthcare industry analyse and determine the potential value of their assets. Whether it is a product with clinical data, or merely a fledgling concept, Black Swan can translate this information into a suitable format.