Although we provide a broad spectrum of Business Analysis and Marketing Support Services and Solutions, listed below are some of our core specialist areas.

Asset Valuation and Commercialisation

Black Swan Analysis is well positioned to help any organisation in the healthcare industry analyse and determine the potential value of their assets. Whether it is a product with clinical data, or merely a fledgling concept, Black Swan can translate this information into a suitable format.

Epiomic Epidemiology Series Reports

In an effort to provide a more condensed version of our Epiomic Patient segmentation database for our clients, we have developed a new range of reports called the Epiomic Epidemiology Series. Each of these publications will be disease specific and will typically cover between 8-10 Major Global Markets with a ...Read More

Workshops and Training

Black Swan Analysis offers a range of workshops focused on translating forecasting and business analysis theory into applicable business practice. And, since the best way to learn is to do, a large component of our workshops are interactive with plenty of hands-on exercises to practice new skills.

Marketing Support

Black Swan Analysis provides essential support to companies with growth ambitions requiring guidance on the optimisation of commercialisation plans for their products. Our Marketing & Investment Plans highlight the positioning and market entry strategy, customer segmentation and relevant promotional messages required for target audiences.

Portfolio and Lifecycle Optimisation

We have extensive experience assisting companies to value and optimise their product portfolios across the spectrum of product development within healthcare.

Online Databases

Access to these large on-line databases will provide timely insight to pharmaceutical commercial or business analysis teams. It will enable them to search through over 10,000 disease specific patient populations or through 1 million product pricing data records for a specific market quickly, in a ‘user friendly’ format.