Significant financial investment and resources have been deployed by the Pharma industry in the pursuit of developing innovative treatment to address several infectious disease targets. Although Vaccines and some other targeted treatments have proven to be effective in the past, infectious diseases still pose a very serious threat to patients. Being able to capture the dynamics of an infectious disease in terms of the relevant patient populations is critical to understand the addressable market for these breakthrough technologies.

In responding to this need, Black Swan Analysis has expanded its Epiomic™ Epidemiology series of Reports to cover five of the largest infectious disease areas that are generating the most clinical development activity – HIVChronic Hepatitis CTuberculosis, Onychomycosis and Hospital Acquired Infections.

HIV Forecast in 8 Major MarketsChronic Hepatitis C Forecast in 12 Major MarketsTuberculosis Forecast in 11 Major MarketsOnychomycosis Forecast in 10 Major MarketsHospital Acquired Infections Forecast in 15 Major Markets
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Each report is generated utilising the most up to date clinical patient population data sources and robust modelling methodology, unique only to Infectious Diseases, to forecast the future potential in each market. The structure of each report delivers:

  • Analyst insights about the disease or disorder
  • Top-line prevalence by individual market and gender
  • A breakdown of the prevalence or incidence population by gender in 5 year cohorts for each country across a ten year period
  • Relevant co-morbid or sub-population data

The geographic coverage for each report includes the core 8 Major Global Markets (USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, and Brazil) with up to an additional 7 countries depending on the particular disease.

If you are operating within the infectious disease space with existing products or potential opportunities in clinical development, it is important to ensure you have captured the relevant patient populations and the trends that can considerably impact these addressable populations over time.

Access to these reports will deliver a consistent picture of the eligible patient population across several major markets through our easy to understand reports.

All the reports can be purchased online via our website,, or alternatively you can contact the sales team at who can arrange a favourable volume discount if more than 1 report is purchased.