Japan joins Europe and USA in database

Rx Price Index™ now includes prescription pricing data for Japan from June 2015 to present account for over 750,000 records. Japan now joins the USA and 27 EU markets on the platform providing a global overview of prescription pricing. The next country to be added to the database will be Turkey granting a more in-depth overview of the Balkan/Asian region.

What can Rx Price Index™ do for you?

The Rx platform contains pricing information from European and international countries for all prescription only medicines available. Four price points are calculated for each product, working back from a retail price to ex-manufacturer price, using our external and internal validation methods. Data is compiled from reputable and verified sources such as government and health authorities. All information covering the products are translated and converted into a standardised format, making the data output as clear as possible. With a broad range of EU and international countries, Rx gives you a comprehensive picture of the competitive landscape. Market price points allow for an optimal product launch sequence, as well as being able to utilise a transparent pricing strategy.

About Black Swan Analysis

Black Swan Analysis is an agile agency that specialises in delivering robust valuations and commercialisation plans for the healthcare industry. With the flexibility to approach complex issues, and the capability to leverage our internal expertise, we are best positioned to help find your optimal solution.

Our areas of expertise include forecasting excellence and patient segmentation which are supported by an array of proprietary tools such as comprehensive epidemiology & pricing databases.

Our philosophy at Black Swan is to create a collaborative environment that enables us to provide an unparalleled level of satisfaction & quality to our clients.

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