Geographical Expansion of the Epiomic™ Hospital Admissions Database to now include 28 countries within a single database

The Black Swan Analysis team has substantially expanded their online database coverage of patient hospital admissions from the original 6 core markets, USA and the Top 5 EU markets, to a total of 28 markets. This geographical expansion, that includes primarily EU countries, has provided significant scale to the number of patient admissions episode records captured from a previous total of 95 million to now over 145 million records each year in the newly expanded database. This database is the first of its kind to pull together data from so many countries into one place delivering a truly holistic view of the hospital admissions data.

To make the customer interface for this considerable amount of data intuitive and user-friendly, the 145 million episodes are assigned to one of 15 specific categories where the patient numbers can be segmented further, down to a 3 digit ICD-9 code. For each episode type you will have an overall number for that specific year but this can be segmented further by gender or 5 year age cohorts if required.

The real value adding benefit of the intuitive interface of the database is its ability to instantly combine some or all of the 28 markets within a specific episode type by way of a simple selection. This can deliver a bespoke regional view, such as the Nordics, Top 5 Europe, Benelux, Eastern Europe, or you can just look specifically at a single market.

Another key point of differentiation for this database is not just its ability to capture historical hospital admissions data for each market but that it also provides a 10 year forecast for each hospital episode grouping.

The Hospital episode disease tree (below for Respiratory Disease in Spain) provides an example of how the data within a specific category can be sub-divided further to identify specific patient episodes within the category.

Article Image 1

From the total number of Hospital admissions in Spain for 2015, you can see the number of patients that have a recorded primary admission code corresponding to a disease of the Respiratory system, with ~20% having Pneumonia and Influenza. Within this grouping, the majority of those patients have been admitted primarily for Pneumonia.

For business analysis and market intelligence professionals operating in the Diagnostic, Medical Device or Pharmaceutical therapeutic space needing to size a market pertaining to patients in the hospital setting, access to this database is invaluable.

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