At Black Swan Analysis, we not only have our Epiomic, Rx Price Index and Oncostrat databases, we also offer professional consulting and forecasting services for numerous areas within the consultancy and business spheres.

From asset valuation and dynamic modelling/pharmaceutical forecasting, to portfolio and lifecycle optimisation; with our team’s unique skill set in these areas, we have a number of ways that can help benefit your company. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is being challenged to provide more specific targets which align with specific clinical unmet needs. Our advanced modelling and analysis techniques are commercially focused to support these new requirements.

Black Swan Analysis is well positioned to help any organisation in the healthcare industry analyse and determine the potential value of their assets. Whether it is a product with clinical data, or merely a fledgling concept, Black Swan can translate this information into a suitable format. The Black Swan team has a unique skill set in developing market forecast models which contain detailed market characterisation using information from both pathological and epidemiological sources.

We have extensive experience assisting companies to value and optimise their product portfolios across the spectrum of product development within healthcare. Outlined below are some of the key areas where we have provided essential & insight to support for our clients with their investment decisions.

Our bespoke consultancy team are ready to help with any issue you may have.

International reference pricing (IRP), also known as External Reference Pricing (ERP), is a cost-containment method used internationally to contain drug expenditure. The USA is currently looking to implement IRP. This study aims to estimate the impact on treatment costs of five products by comparing the US wholesaler acquisition cost (WAC) with two possible US IRP scenarios. In this study we found that when taking the Medicare/Medicaid public drug spends for these products, there was an estimated 60-70% saving when using the calculated US IRP versus the WAC price.