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There is currently no industry standard database for Europe that identifies the location of PET/CT imaging sites and potential commercial cyclotron manufacturing sites. Unlike the US, the European market is fragmented with no true Pan-European manufacturing provider. As PET imaging technology transitions from a research-driven environment to a more commercially-driven one, much of this information is incomplete or not easily available for these markets.


Many of the innovations being pursued by diagnostic pharmaceutical companies involve the use of F18 to label their radioactive tracers to improve earlier diagnosis in the areas of neurology and oncology. Unlike conventional pharmaceuticals, radio-labelled products have a finite shelf-life of a few hours. This introduces significant complexity to manufacturing and supply chain components of these new products such as:
  • Limited capacity of patient doses able to be produced per cyclotron run
  • Restricted travel distance between the imaging facility and manufacturing site due to radioactive decay of product
  • Limited imaging facility capacity
An intimate understanding of the relationship between supply constraints and potential demand is essential in order to develop a viable market for these new products.

Big idea

To develop a comprehensive and accurate database for T5 EU markets using local market information, secondary research and information from industry associations. Cross-referencing multiple sources will ensure a high level of database accuracy, and data will be reviewed periodically to maintain its validity. The advantage of this tool will be its ability to overlay the equipment infrastructure, including cyclotrons and PET scanners; the location of imaging physicians; and crucial product profile characteristics. Clients would be provided with a clear picture of a product supply and likely demand in any given territory, with visibility of potential barriers to commercial success.

Results & feedback

This user friendly web-based tool is able to provide rapid, relevant analyses for companies interested in developing assets in this space. Information can be accessed on either an ad-hoc or subscription basis giving companies the ability to generate an analysis from a single market or Pan-European perspective. Users have the ability to enter key product profile attributes to generate a comprehensive market picture. This type of analysis will enable clients to identify maximum revenue potential within the catchment of any given manufacturing site as well as an outline of the potential costs associated with production. This versatile tool will provide companies as well as investors with a clear perspective on the potential profitability of their products.